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About the Gunbarrel Green HOA

Gunbarrel Green is a neighborhood of 306 homes located along Idylwild Trail, from Lookout Road to Carter Trail. Also deeded in the Gunbarrel Green HOA are 19 properties on Tanglewood Trail, 3 properties on Old Post Road and 9 properties on Briar Ridge Trail.

Please note: A few properties within Gunbarrel Green are exempt from the covenants. If you see a covenant issue, please check with the HOA Covenant Committee (gunbarrelgreen@gmail.com) to learn if that lot may be exempt from the Covenants.

The Gunbarrel Green Homeowners Association is incorporated in the State of Colorado. The Articles of incorporation were filed on June 11, 1985. You can obtain a copy of the Articles of Incorporation on this website or at the Secretary of State website, www.sos.state.co.us/biz.

The plat of Gunbarrel Green was recorded in the Boulder County Clerk’s office on 8 July 1963 in Plat Book 9, at pages 46, 47, and 48.